Simple and Smart Sideline Review For All Teams

Because every detail counts. Provide instant feedback to Football players of all ages and recognize at gametime the adjustments needed. Customizable with your own school design.

We Are Transforming Highschool Football

Our solution is the only market product that facilitates long remote operation of instant realtime practice or gametime feedback to athletes without the need for external power. Achieved by our innovative inverting, charging, power storage, and massive 55 inch vertically rising TV.

Battery Charging and Inverting Technology Eliminating the Need for Onsite Power

High Definition TV Compatible with Hudl and other Sideline Review Software platforms

Custom Storage with USB Charging Ports for Game Tablets, Cameras, and Equipment

Proudly Made in the Minnesota with 100% USA Sourced, Manufactured and Assembled Heavy Duty Powder Coated Metal

Charger Carts Provide the Tools to Outsmart Your Opponents

Every play the prospect of winning is at stake. Our Charger Cart technology is proven to lead teams to Championships. Find out the benefits Charger Carts will provide.
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A Company Dedicated To Coaches and Players

Teaching players to understand the details of the game is our passion. Enabling you to win is our mission. Dassel Cokato